About the film

The film shows twelve days in the life of Jacek Sroka. The story is based on the diary, or rather, an anti-diary of the artist, mixing the artistic with the intimate; distance with proximity; the imagined with the supposed. The world of the artist's paintings and his personal life permeate each other, while privacy in his work gains universal value. Language of the film – its “third protagonist" – oscillates between documentary narrative (the story about the pictures) and magical realism (compelling animations), finding its own expression, rich and surprisingly broad: we follow the camera through the nooks and crannies of the house, the studio… and the artist's imagination. An interesting, enlightening and entertaining story of a great artist. It reveals the true face of a man who devoted his whole life to his own artistic endeavour. A tale full of passion and a sophisticated self-distanced view of the world.





  • docudrama
  • 62 min.
  • grafiQa (PL)
  • Krakovia Producciones (CL)
  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
release date:
  • 2017


  • Jacek Sroka
  • Marzena Sroka
  • Zuzanna Kamykowska
  • Melania Sroka
  • Motion Trio
  • Jerzy Armata
  • Paweł Kamykowski
  • Edyta Lichota
  • Paweł Banaś
  • Figa Sroka

postproduction credits

  • editing: Jarosław Migoń,
    Tomasz Tomaszewski
  • color grading: Tomasz Poznański
  • sound post-production: MaQ Records, Michał Rosicki, Grzegorz Kubek
  • sound mastering: Michał Rosicki
  • 5.1 sound mastering: Piotr Brzeziński
  • animation and visual effects: Jarosław Migoń

production credits

  • director: Jarosław Migoń
  • music: Marcin Gałażyn
  • cinematography: Piotr Trela
  • collaboration: Jarek Migoń, Dominik Lichota, Elżbieta Migoń, Manuel Pari, Jakub Szumowski, Tomasz Stańco
  • light: Tomasz Stańco
  • sound: Mirosław Gibas
  • recordings of statements by Jacek Sroka: Jarosław Migoń, Krzysztof Filus
  • animation and visual effects: Jarosław Migoń
  • make-up: Małgorzata Stopa, Natalia Placek
  • producer: Jarosław Migoń
  • executive producers: Elżbieta Migoń, Francisco Basignana Ravinet


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