Multiplying Narratives

 Anita Piotrowska,
"Tygodnik Powszechny", Krakow Film Festival (2018):

"Nobody, not even the painter himself, can explain the one thing that is truly essential in a painting" – once wrote the Cubist, Georges Braque. The film "Diary of a Beholder" by Jarosław Migoń is an intriguing attempt to counter this impossibility. Presenting the oeuvre of Krakow painter Jacek Sroka, it gives voice not only to him but also, and perhaps above all, to his paintings. Along with its protagonist, it thoroughly examines them, but also analyzes and animates them using cinematic means, resulting in a dynamic portrait of the artist, far from conventional depictions.[..]

Observing the Beholder

Jerzy Armata (2017.08) PFA Film Magazine

The medium-length documentary "Diary of a Beholder" by Jarosław Migoń, dedicated to Jacek Sroka, a well-known Krakow painter and graphic artist, was honored with three awards at this year's edition of the Hamburg World Media Festival: "intermedia-globe GOLD", "intermedia Special Award – MAGIC EYE" (for cinematography), and "intermedia-globe GRAND AWARD". Jacek Sroka, a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts (1981), has won numerous prestigious awards and distinctions, including at the Mulhouse Graphics Biennale (1984), the International Miniature Exhibition in Toronto (1986), Graphica Atlantica in Reykjavik (1987), and the Vaasa Graphics Biennale (1987). At the Seoul Graphics Biennale (1988), he received the Grand Prix. A few years ago[..]


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